Science & Technology

Research today is a highly social and connected enterprise requiring flexible, adaptable, and technology-infused spaces. We specialize in solutions-based project delivery.

Manufacturing Renaissance

General Electric

Transportation Energy Storage

The design of this adaptive use establishes a dynamic identity for GE’s newest startup business. The reimagined Building 66 showcases the company’s commitment to sustainability through the reinvigoration of buildings on its historic Schenectady campus.

Our product is a green product; we felt that our facility should mirror that as well.

Tim Baechle Battery Operations Leader, GE Transportation Energy Storage

Accelerating Scientific Discovery

The Jackson Laboratory

Research Expansion Program

JAX is a visionary leader in 15 biomedical research areas and the entrepreneurial developer and distributor of transgenic mice for scientific study. This video by JAX discusses their advances in the new medical model of personalized medicine.

Advancing Mission
Exterior of Gen*NY*sis Center for Functional Genomics

University at Albany

Gen*NY*Sis Center for Functional Genomics

Rensselaer, NY


The flagship facility of the bioscience park collocates academic, industry, and government researchers.

Open-plan workplace

EYP Architecture & Engineering

EYP Boston Office

Boston, MA


Our studios are design labs for workplace strategies and new materials.

Exterior view of Cornell Agriculture Building

Cornell University

The Technology Farm

Geneva, NY

Master Plans

Flex-tech incubator space attracts entrepreneurs, start-ups, and diversifying companies.

Awards & Honors

  1. Good Design is Good Business

    Architectural Record

    General Electric

    Renewable Energy Global Headquarters

  2. Design Excellence Award

    AIA Eastern New York

    General Electric

    Renewable Energy Global Headquarters

  3. 2012 Best Higher Education/Research Project

    ENR Tri-State Region

Composite Thinking

Senior Project Director Omar Renteria discusses how EYP is working with strategic partners to develop proprietary innovative exterior assemblies that will improve envelope performance.

Building Science Research

Workplace for Research

NYU Genomics

New York University

Center for Genomics & Systems Biology

Behind the façades of three historic buildings, we created a modern, advanced research facility that supports the work of more than 100 scientists in genomics and bioinformatics.

Advancing Mission Collaborative Space

Convergence Science

US Department of Energy

Brookhaven National Lab

Advancing research is critical to the health, security, and economic strength of our nation.

Innovation Model

Cube exterior

Trinity University

Center for the Sciences & Innovation

What does the lab of the future look like? It’s an innovation model where life sciences, physical sciences and engineering collide. The core facility will soon become the whole facility.

Collaborative Space Innovation
Atrium roof with ETFE pillows

SUNY Polytechnic Institute

ZEN (Zero-Energy Nanotechnology) Building

Albany, NY


This demonstration building is the largest zero energy-capable, mixed-use facility in the United States.

GE 53 night view

General Electric

Renewable Energy Global Headquarters

Schenectady, NY


Embodying GE innovation, the reinvention of Building 53 reinvigorates the iconic brand for the 21st century.

Entrance to The Jackson Laboratory

The Jackson Laboratory

Research Expansion Program

Bar Harbor, ME


The new Genetic Resources Building expands JAX's capacity to develop and distribute important new models of human disease for research.

The Maker Movement… What’s Next?

by Kip Ellis, Toni Loiacano

Bryant University, Academic Innovation Center, Atrium

The Maker experience represents a profound change in how things are being created today, which in turn requires a paradigm shift in how and where students can most effectively be educated. As designers of multidisciplinary research and teaching/learning environments – as well as members of an academic faculty team running an interdisciplinary, entrepreneurial maker studio – we anticipate that the concepts of Instant Satisfaction, Positive Feedback, and Everyone Wins will drive the evolution of spaces that enable a constructive collaborative journey, as well as rapid prototyping and production.

EYP MassChallenge Scholarship

by Jeff Schantz

EYP is a passionate innovation culture, so we feel a special connection to MassChallenge, whose mission is to catalyze a startup renaissance. Inspired by their entrepreneurial drive, the EYP Scholarship for Design Innovation will identify and support start-ups that inspire creativity and problem-solving through design.

Maker Culture and the Human Factor

by Toni Loiacano, Jeff Schantz

Throughout 2015, Metropolis’s publisher and editor in chief, Susan S. Szenasy, led the Metropolis Think Tank series of conversations on the seismic cultural shifts reshaping our society and the importance of injecting a new humanism into design and architecture in order to better deal with emerging challenges. In "Maker Culture and The Human Factor", Susan spoke with EYP about the process of creating educational spaces that foster engaged, hands-on learning and making.

The most successful research enterprises promote a culture of collaboration.

Jeff Schantz Jeff Schantz, AIA Science & Technology Sector Leader