Building Envelope Science Research

Tomorrow’s buildings will be more organisms than machines. New ways of thinking about design will advance innovations in materials, technologies, and methodologies.

Paradigm Shift

X/O Skeleton Design Concept

EYP rethinks the future to take first place in international contest 

December 7, 2016

Evolving the Building Skin

If we are to advance a sustainable future, buildings must become more proactive organisms than reactive machines. Responding to ever-expanding performance criteria that are neither constant nor predictable will require disruptive design innovation. More

Composite Thinking

Senior Project Director Omar Renteria discusses how EYP is working with strategic partners to develop proprietary innovative exterior assemblies that will improve envelope performance.

Building Envelope Science Research

You can't come up with amazing new things by doing things the same way, so we're pushing ourselves to rethink the very process of design.

Omar Renteria