The Palace Theatre

, City of Albany

Albany, NY

View of Theater Stage

This restored 1931 RKO theatre, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is the iconic hub of downtown Albany’s cultural scene. Guided by the Historic Structure Report we had completed in the 1980s, we developed a master plan to guide implementation of major renovation and much-needed restoration. To support ongoing operations, work was strategically phased on tight timelines during seasons when the house was “dark.”

Phase 1 involved the restoration of deteriorated and overpainted interior finishes, exterior architectural elements, and the building envelope. We improved patron facilities, upgraded MEP systems, replaced stage electrics and dimming systems, and refurbished seating to match the 1930s RKP originals.

Phase 2 expanded the lobby, created a new donor room and concession areas, and made substantial backstage enhancements to improve performance capabilities, including new dressing rooms, backstage elevator, loading areas, and additional storage and rehearsal areas. The stage was deepened to accommodate presentation of first-run Broadway shows. Lastly, the original marquee was recreated according to its 1930s design, utilizing energy-efficient LED lights to qualify for a NYSERDA grant.

Building Facts

  • Preservation/restoration
  • Modernization
  • 2,800 seats
  • Design-build