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dWellbeing Rendering

An interactive, high-performance apartment complex enables residents to understand how individual choices and activities influence energy consumption and building performance through technology, while providing opportunities for occupants to give back via their own actions, behaviors, and activities.

Early in pre-design, energy modeling using a custom modeling tool analyzed four HVAC systems and more than 1,000 individual energy conservation measures. Project renewables are designed to optimize the overall renewable energy potential on site and bring the annual net building energy use to zero. Since net-zero performance is ultimately not possible without occupant engagement, dWELLBEING gives users an interface – inspired by wearable fitness monitors – to monitor the health of their home. Custom benchmarking software monitors each residential unit– allowing a community of inclusion and (friendly) competition among neighbors.

Beyond tracking energy consumption, dWELLBEING emphasizes how people can contribute and earn points in this energy market, encouraging sustainable lifestyle choices and friendly competition among neighbors. Prominent between the two residential bars is a multi-story community installation whose nested shapes display the real-time health of the building.


  1. Feature 1:

    Window:Wall ratio analysis allowed for optimization of window size to allow for natural light, and daylighting controls while minimizing thermal conduction.

  2. Feature 2:

    A rooftop rainwater harvest system will collect run-off for use onsite, providing 600,000 gallons of freshwater annually.

  3. Feature 3:

    Photobioreactors produce microalgae, which is harvested for biodiesel generation - contributing to the fueling of the building's seven microturbines.

  4. Feature 4:

    Photovoltaics are placed on the Roof, South, East, and West walls, and are calculated to produce over 800,000 kWh annually.

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