Molecular Nanoscience Laboratory

New York University

New York, NY

Nanoscience STEM Science & Technology Higher Education

Views into laboratory

To support research as well as faculty and student recruitment, we created world-class research labs within the constrained space of a historic structure. The open and flexible environment accommodates evolving areas of study. Adjacent office and social spaces create opportunities for colleagues to exchange ideas.

By creating one large lab space configured with modular casework per floor, we were able to create space flexible enough that research groups can expand and contract their space allotments based on their specific research requirements, leaving no bench unused or underused.  

The glass-enclosure of the lab allows natural daylight to stream in and creates maximum visibility between lab bays for safety. The labs are open to the adjacent circulation and write-up spaces so for ease of egress, but there is a clear threshold at the lab entries so that users are conscious of walking into a controlled environment.Social spaces are centrally located and very visible along primary circulation routes through the floors.

Building Facts

  • 17,500 GSF modernization

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