Gen*NY*Sis Center for Functional Genomics

University at Albany

Rensselaer, NY

Biomedical Science & Technology

Exterior of Gen*NY*sis Center for Functional Genomics

Gen*NY*Sis the flagship of the University’s bioscience park and a research destination. The facility is planned around a double-loaded corridor with flexible, adaptable labs on either side, with support labs throughout the floor and “neighborhoods” of offices to foster a shared sense of purpose.

The Center includes specialized spaces developed for Taconic, a global leader in transgenic mouse models, as well as related services for biomedical research, include a laser capture microdissection (LCM) facility, transgenics core laboratory, and microarray facility. Significant public space accommodates fundraising, scientific symposia, and industry assemblies.

We conducted a market study and met with multiple stakeholders to define, conceptualize, and evaluate laboratory and facility planning features. Modular, expandable laboratories are designed to allow for aggregation as scientific programs grow. Significant public and common space support a host of scientific and public relations functions to advance fundraising and recruiting.

The project was executed with fast-track construction in partnership with a construction manager to define early design decisions, separate bid packages, and control costs.

Building Facts

  • 125,000 GSF
  • DNA microarray
  • LCM facility
  • Transgenics core laboratory
  • Vivarium

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