Quadrangle Replacement Housing

, University of Houston

Houston, TX

The traditional residence hall will accommodate over 1,000 students and will enclose numerous courtyards similar to the original Quadrangle student housing. The new residence hall units will consist primarily of four single-occupancy bedrooms, a shared bathroom, and a common living area with a kitchenette. The residence hall will also include a student lounge, multiple laundry facilities, a workout room, and a variety of study spaces distributed throughout the buildings. Each of the individual buildings that comprise the greater residence hall will be connected bridges, adding further definition of the various outdoor spaces.

The townhouses are intended to accommodate international students, and “learning communities” associated with different academic programs and departments. Configured as conjoined three-story walk-up units, each townhouse will accommodate 18 students. Each unit includes single-occupancy bedrooms, several individual and group bathroom facilities, a large living space for relaxing and/or group study, and a full kitchen capable of serving all of the occupants.

Building Facts

  • Size: 336,000 GSF of new construction
  • Counts: 1,200 beds
  • Specialized Spaces: Student lounge, multiple laundry facilities, workout room, and a variety of study spaces distributed throughout the buildings

Opening a Building in a Pandemic

How do you prepare for 1,200 students to move into your brand-new residence hall during a pandemic? On the verge of opening The Quad, an on-campus student housing complex with suite-style living units and townhomes, The University of Houston and the Rapid Response Team explored a variety of possibilities to develop safer living and learning environments. From reconfigured space planning and enhanced mechanical filtration systems to hand-sanitizing stations and automatic door openers, the Team delved into all five service lines. The result? A Rapid Response user’s manual with plans, diagrams, and product suggestions to support UH as they prepare for Fall 2020.

Sneak Peek at the University of Houston’s New Quad Residence Hall

Hear from our team about the design behind the new Quad – a unique array of connected townhouses designed to foster learning communities.

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Don Yackley Executive Director, Student Housing & Residential Life, University of Houston