Loyola Science Center

University of Scranton

Scranton, PA

STEM Higher Education

Exterior facade of Loyola Science Center at dusk

The new sustainable facility is designed to accommodate traditional science teaching and research as well as emerging cross-disciplinary programs. Our design makes extensive use of high-efficiency glazing to reduce energy use, enhance visibility and views, and put science on display.

Strategic adjacencies of faculty offices, classrooms, laboratories, and study/lounges unite Chemistry, Biology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Physics, Computer Science, Mathematics, and Electrical Engineering.

A new atrium at the heart of the facility encourages interaction among the sciences and linking them with the Campus Commons and the DeNaples Center and Green. The design respects the style and scale of the older areas of the campus, connecting the new science green more directly to campus life.

Building Facts

  • 166,500 GSF new construction
  • 48,000 GSF modernization
  • LEED Gold Certified

Science is a Human Endeavor

The most powerful scientific tool is the human mind, especially when it collaborates with others. This interdisciplinary facility is designed around non-lab learning spaces that are comfortable, inviting, and promote interaction, compelling faculty to redefine how they think of and use learning spaces, and reconceive how they educate students.

Advancing Mission Energy Decisions

Transforming Designs for Science

Scranton promotes STEM for the greater good of our world.

STEM Research

The entire building is one gigantic research laboratory.

George Gomez, Professor of Biology

Our Sustainable Future

The Loyola Science Center is a teaching tool for sustainability.

Resource Efficiency

Keeping It Steady

When it comes to engineering a science building, there are no such thing as good vibrations.

Building Performance

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