New US Consulate General, Lagos, Nigeria

, US Department of State

Lagos, Nigeria

Visitor entrance
Staff entrance
Aerial view of site
Visitor pavilion

The new US Consulate General in Lagos will be a model of resiliency for the world's emerging megacities and a physical representation of our countries’ shared values. Lagos is Africa's most populous city with one of the world's fast-growing populations. Like many coastal locations, it's also at risk of rising sea levels and shoreline erosion. To address these concerns, the new consulate campus is located on Eko Atlantic, a 900-hectare coastal city made of reclaimed land from the Atlantic Ocean. It’s also protected by an 8.5-kilometer seawall, setting a precedent for local development and illustrating best practices to alleviate the pressures of climate change.

The architecture of the new consulate general blends contemporary and traditional precedents to create a performative and civic African design. Complex geometric patterns underlay local art and craft customs and inspire building elements. The design integrates the best of modern technology and African architecture, referencing local tradition and climate while reflecting Lagos's dynamic, forward-looking spirit.

Visitors are greeted by a monumental and civic entrance that serves as the main representational space of the campus and provides a series of vistas framed by the landscape. Once inside, the 161,500-square-foot New Office Building is inviting yet intimate, acting as a front door to the American presence in Lagos. Designed to achieve LEED Silver certification, the sustainable site features a large, interconnected green roof that spans multiple buildings, delivering an urban oasis for all to enjoy.

The US Consulate General in Lagos, Nigeria was designed by Ennead Architects with The Pernix Group Inc. as general contractor and Page as the architect of record. Renderings courtesy of bloomimages for Ennead Architects LLP.

Building Facts

  • 272,000 GSF new construction
  • 12 structures
  • 12.2 acres
  • LEED Silver design
  • Design-build

The consulate design highlights the great deal of thorough and meaningful collaboration between local and international designers, and the careful selection of symbolic Nigerian and American elements is truly inspiring. It is not about the aesthetics of the project alone but also the functionality, sustainability, and focus on local collaborations.

Babajide Sanwo-Olu Lagos State Governor