US Consulate and Regional Operations Center, Frankfurt

, US Department of State

Frankfurt, Germany

Originally a Luftwaffe (German Air Force) Hospital, the Consulate now houses over 1,000 State Department employees to support 100 US diplomatic missions in Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

The effort to convert a purpose-built hospital to a full-service consulate was accomplished in five phases. An initial project developed the entire compound’s perimeter security and access control pavilions. This was followed by major rehabilitation of the facilities, and the third phase was master planning for a warehouse and multipurpose building. The final two phases evaluated, prioritized and implemented outstanding or deferred projects as well as projects requiring updates due to security and code changes during the ongoing years of redeveloping the site.

Building Facts

  • 9.4 hectare (23 acres) site
  • 69,800 GSM (750,000 GSF) buildings