US Embassy, Amman

, US Department of State

Amman, Jordan

The New Office Annex (NOX) for the U.S. Embassy in Amman is designed to provide a high-quality, flexible, and healthy workplace within a safe and secure facility. Rapid response to global events advances the national interest and the safety of citizens overseas.

In design, material palette, and massing, the NOX references existing structures to create a unified architectural experience. The design uses deep, perforated sun screens – placed vertically or horizontally, depending on the solar orientation of the façade – to provide direct sun protection; reduce glare; and reduce cooling and lighting electric loads while increasing indirect light penetration across the ceiling. The dressed stone of the building base flows into this space to create an interior plaza, its drama heightened by a hewn stone, glass, and steel grand stairway.


Building Facts

  • 139,930 GSF