Faneuil Hall

, US National Park Service

Boston, MA

Faneuil Hall exterior at night
Faneuil Hall exterior
Interior shops at Faneuil Hall

Every year, thousands of visitors converge on Boston National Historical Park, entering through Faneuil Hall to walk the Freedom Trail. Faneuil Hall is known as the site where Revolutionary War heroes delivered impassioned addresses supporting American independence, but its complicated history also includes dark beginnings as a slave-trade-funded market and more inspiring years of hosting speeches by activists representing major social movements, like abolition and women’s suffrage. EYP’s renovation involved selective demolition, new construction, and integration of modern systems, which met program requirements while protecting the historic building fabric. A new exhibition area sensitively adapts this icon of American history into a technology-rich destination, sharing all that Faneuil Hall represents.

Building Facts

  • 30,000 GSF
  • National Register of Historic Places