Federal Hall National Memorial

, US National Park Service

New York, NY

Federal Hall exterior
Statue of George Washington at Federal Hall
Federal Hall Exterior

Washington, D.C. wasn’t always the capital of the United States. After the
Revolution in 1776, New York held that honor, and our federal government
met at Federal Hall in Manhattan. The hall hosted George Washington’s
inauguration and our first Congress as it ratified the Bill of Rights. The
building was removed in 1812, rebuilt between 1833 and 1842, and is now
known as Federal Hall National Memorial. At the turn of the century,
NPS partnered with EYP to structurally stabilize the structure, upgrade
building systems, and install new mechanical and electrical systems
without damaging the historic fabric. Today, Federal Hall serves as a
museum and memorial to our first president and the beginnings of the
United States of America.

EYP’s collaborations with the NPS help us understand the nuances and
complexities of historic sites, exemplifying our firm’s mission to explore
“What’s Possible?”

Building Facts

  • 80,000 SF renovation
  • Secretary of the Interior Standards for Restoration
  • National Register of Historic Places