Biomedical Manufacturing Cleanroom


The Woodlands, TX


VGXI's third and most recent expansion included design and construction of this ISO 7 cleanroom along with an office expansion, conference rooms and a cafe with flexible partitions. Various phasing strategies strategically timed with the production cycle were critical to this projects success. VGXI needed to ensure continuous function of their existing production plant as well as minimize disruption to staff workflow. We developed one phasing strategy that moved office personnel into newly acquired nearby lease space, while the existing space was renovated into a multipurpose conference area and open office. The effort encompassed a redesign/expansion of the current process development lab for work flow. Immediately adjacent to the offices, the new cleanroom production plant has glass half-height walls that provide VGXI's clients a full view of the production process, without the need to enter the cleanroom environment.

Our lab planners and designers also worked with VGXI to survey products, assembling a custom team of vendors to construct the cleanroom. Given the custom nature of this project and stringent HVAC requirements for cleanrooms, we carefully researched, documented and presented all available options, to ensure VGXI could make a well-informed choice on balancing performance, longevity, maintenance and cost. Through this process, VGXI gained a thorough understanding of available solutions. Our team then helped select a preferred vendor that could provide the high quality product that was needed within the established budget.

Building Facts

  • 15,000 GSF modernization
  • ISO 7 Cleanroom
  • Cell Bank Research
  • Fermentation Rooms
  • Glasswash and Autoclave
  • Chemical and Material Storage