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US Military Academy

US Army

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A view of JADOC's control room, showing that offices have visibility of it.

Accomplishing the Mission

Joint Air Defense Operations Center (JADOC)

US Navy

The Joint Air Defense Operations Center (JADOC) facilitates a critical defense mission, providing direct command and control capabilities for air security in the nation’s capital. Consolidating functions from multiple facilities that had been erected following the 9/11 attacks, the building provides a permanent home for the joint US Air Force and US Army staff who monitor and safeguard the skies.

The JADOC operations center provides protection for infrastructure, cities and military installations in the region by identifying and tracking every aircraft entering the space. JADOC uses this information in communication with the Eastern Air Defense Sector, the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), FAA and battlestaff across the nation to determine appropriate tactical air defense execution.