Guest Lecture: Making the Walter Tower, Houston Methodist Hospital

College Station, TX

November 30, 2018…

Tushar's presentation will conclude the spring lecture series hosted by the Texas A&M University College of Architecture. Sid Sanders, senior vice president at Houston Methodist, and Marc Peck, vice president at AECOM Hunt, will present with Tushar.

This fall's lectures, "Healthcare Facilities Designed for Resiliency," are open to the public and take place at 12:40 on Fridays at the KAMU-TV studios (900 Houston St.) on the Texas A&M campus. During this lecture series, leading architects and builders will reveal collaborative strategies to create healthcare facilities where caregivers provide top-flight medical care during and after natural disasters.


Tushar Gupta

Tushar Gupta, FAIA

Managing Principal, Houston & Design Principal