DesignDC 2019

Washington, DC

September 16-18, 2019

Historic Buildings as Energy Hogs: Debunking the Myth

September 16 | 3:00-4:30 pm

Poor energy performance is often cited as an argument against building reuse. This session will help neutralize the "energy-hog" myth.

The vast majority of historic buildings must be financially competitive with new construction if they are to survive. Fortunately, big data has allowed for a new level of analysis when it comes to design options and performance tracking.

This presentation will use two projects as case studies: The Birch Bayh Federal Building (1905) and Louis Kahn's Richards Building (1962). Discover how renovations of these landmark structures retained their character-defining features while producing building performance that far exceeded expectations.


Matthew Chalifoux

Matthew Chalifoux, FAIA

Historic Preservation & Design

Teresa Rainey

Teresa Rainey, PE, LEED Fellow

Director of High Performance Design