Healthcare Design Expo + Conference 2019

New Orleans, LA

November 2-5, 2019


Welcome and Opening Keynote | Livewired: How we Transform the World through Human Creativity
November 3 | 8:00-9:15 am | Room: Great Hall | Session Number: K01
Tushar Gupta will welcome attendees as President of the AIA Academy of Architecture for Health.  

NextGen Forum
November 3 | 6:00-7:00 pm | Room 208-209 | Session Number A15
Tushar Gupta, Managing Principal & President of the AIA Academy of Architecture for Health
The NextGen Forum brings together current and future leaders in our industry to discuss how we are uniting to impact the health design field. The discussion will include examining the path to leadership for Tushar Gupta, President of the AIA Academy of Architecture for Health; Debra Levin, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Center for Health Design(CHD); and the CHD Changemaker Award winner. The discussion will also feature recent work and research by future leaders in the field and highlight opportunities for future leaders to get involved in impacting the health design industry.

AIA-AAH Update, Reception, and Charrette Celebration
November 3 | 7:00-9:00 pm | Room: 206-207 | Session Number A16
Tushar Gupta hosts this session as President of the AIA Academy of Architecture for Health with AIA-AAH members, friends, and leaders for an update on the latest developments within the Academy. Attendees will also celebrate the talented and hard-working student charrette participants. 

Designing for the Future: The Benefits of Modernization
November 5 | 8:15-9:15 am | Room: R02 | Session Number E78
The transformation of The Children’s Hospital of New Orleans consists of 400,000 square feet of expansion and renovation within a 600,000 SF combined inpatient and outpatient facility. This multiphase modernization project will take approximately seven years, from master planning to completion, and will require 34 distinct phases, with minimal interim moves and no interruptions to day-to-day operations.To achieve the goal of leveraging its existing facility and to preserve its committed presence within the historic Uptown District, the hospital had to build a strong working partnership with the design and construction team. This session will highlight the decision to leverage the chassis of an existing healthcare facility and the logistical challenges associated with implementing that decision.

David Deis, Managing Principal, EYP
William A. "Wills" Hover, IV, Senior Project Manager, The Lemoine Company 
Benjamin Whitworth, Assistant Vice President, Hospital Operations, Children's Hospital of New Orleans 

Health Facility Performance Evaluation: Leveraging Practitioner Perceptions and In-house Metrics
November 5 | 9:30-10:30 am | Room: 218-219 | Session Number E81
Laurie Waggener, Director of Research and EBD | Haeoak Park, Senior Medical Planner
This presentation will provide multiple ways to measure the success of the post-move state of Houston Methodist Hospital after one year of operation. As the hospital started designing the second phase of this project, the project team gathered vast amounts of lessons learned from the Phase 1 tower. The team will present the design strategy, including optimizing processes, creating safe environments, and patient and staff well-being, and share the outcomes of the project such as post-move results. They will discuss the various findings, which are not only quantitative and qualitative measurements, but also valuable lessons learned from the multidisciplinary staffs during operation in the OR, cath lab, and the ICU.

Extreme Collaboration: Using Lean Thinking, 2P/3P, and EBD to Design Healing Environments
November 5 | 2:30-3:30 pm | Room: 218-219 | E97
Akshay Sangolli, Medical Planner 
How can one ensure collective success and identify common ground between all stakeholders to design clinically efficient healing environments that foster better patient care? This case study of the surgical tower at Hackensack University Medical Center demonstrates that by establishing a “true north” using robust visioning sessions, utilizing Lean thinking, engaging in 2P workshops to evaluate staff and patient experiences, and embracing best practices and evidence-based design, it is possible to develop innovative design solutions. Hear how the design improved workflow efficiencies and operational procedures that result in a safer, better organized, highly efficient and more profitable environment that effectively engages patients, staff, and visitors.

Tour of The Children's Hospital of New Orleans 
November 2 | 1:00-5:00 pm

Gallery Space 36


David Deis

David Deis, AIA, LEED AP

Managing Principal, Atlanta & Senior Project Director

Laurie Waggener

Laurie Waggener, RRT, IIDA, CHID, EDAC

Director, Research for Healthcare

Tushar Gupta

Tushar Gupta, FAIA

Managing Principal, Houston & Design Principal