The Future of Healthcare Facilities

Houston, TX | Webinar

July 23, 2020

2020 has been a strong year for hospital and medical office building construction and development in the greater Houston area. With several major projects currently underway, Houston continues to grow as one of the world’s largest medical hubs.  However, the world-wide pandemic has thrown a curveball at every industry in America, and that includes the healthcare industry. With the continued surge of coronavirus cases in Houston, hospitals are re-evaluating space to accommodate the growing number of patients. So how exactly are they doing this? What’s their plan for the very unknown future? Will this affect the future of healthcare design and architecture? 

Participants include:

  • Annabella Koloskov, senior medical planner at EYP Architecture & Engineering
  • Jill Pearsall, vice president of Facilities Planning and Development at Texas Children's Hospital
  • Sidney Sanders, senior vice president of  Construction and Facilities Design at Houston Methodist,
  • Gaurav Khadse, assistant vice president of Business Operations and Facilities at UTMB