SCUP Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference

Virtual Conference

March 8-12 2021

Reaping the Benefits of a New Building…Without Building New
Thursday, March 11 | 3:00 - 4:00 pm

Owing to the pandemic’s economic impact, campus budgets are facing greater challenges to recruit students and meet expectations for state-of-the-art spaces. In this session, we’ll demonstrate how to renovate your campus spaces to maximize programming and performance. We’ve integrated key aspects of high-performance design into a planning approach that addresses the unique challenges of modernizing existing buildings, accommodating future-focused programming needs, and minimizing operational costs. Come learn about a process that will help you consider the highest use of all resources through a variety of lenses and work with stakeholders on your campus to develop a common vision.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Address your campus’s sustainability goals and operational efficiency and identify a variety of tools for analyzing building design options and related budget decisions.
  2. Discuss the distinctions between using design tools for new buildings as opposed to existing buildings while considering modernization needs and renovation strategies.
  3. Evaluate existing program spaces to assess their academic performance and ability to meet learners’ and researchers’ expectations for team-based, experiential education and collaborative discovery.
  4. Address end-users’ concerns about renovation by explaining creative solutions for optimizing program organization in existing buildings and other campus planning challenges.

Presented By:

  • Laura Berman, Assistant University Architect / Senior Director of Design, Rutgers University
  • Jennifer Amster, Academic Planning, Principal, EYP
  • Justin Shultz, Senior Building Performance Analyst, EYP


Jennifer Amster

Health Education Planning & Design

Justin Shultz

Senior Building Performance Analyst