Experiential Graphic Design

Elevating the Human Experience. Visual Storytellers Crafting Purposeful Wayfinding, Branding, and Placemaking.

Striking the Right Chord

New Orleans' rich culture of music inspires comforting design choices for Children's Hospital New Orleans

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Towering Experience

A towering exterior digital experience is the crowning gem of Central Library's redesigned public plaza.

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A lobby with environmental graphics installed

Experiential Graphic Design Brochure

EGD fosters a practical, beneficial relationship between users and their spaces through wayfinding, experiential graphics, and special features. Our custom design solutions draw people deeper into your mission, as well as your buildings.

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Chris Bowles

Senior Experiential Graphic Designer

Robyn Canady

Senior Experiential Graphic Designer

Brandon Allen

Senior Experiential Graphic Designer

Phuong Nguyen

Lead Designer, Experiential Graphic Design