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Go beyond Sustainability. Rolling up our sleeves to impact more than climate change.

A computer-generated diagram showing the effects of the sun reflecting off of curved glass.

Love Glass? So do we.

Want that glass façade but don’t want to blind your neighbors? The Green Lab toolbox offers practical solutions to improve comfort, increase performance, and solve common problems like glass reflections.


It’s more than spreadsheets and graphs - it’s about people. We’re about real applications and their impact to develop the right solutions that meet individuals’ needs.

Teresa Rainey
Teresa Rainey Director of Engineering
Exterior of glass building.

Discover 77% in Energy Savings

Building requirements are increasingly complex, our in-house integrated team keeps it simple. Just like Grinnell, you can achieve your institutional aspirations, modernize your existing buildings, and save energy.

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Diagram of carbon output.

Counting Carbon?

Operational energy is only half the pie. The Green Lab uncovers embodied emissions with carbon accounting.



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Teresa Rainey

Director of Engineering

Justin Shultz

Senior Building Performance Analyst


Together, let's go beyond sustainability

Teresa Rainey Director of Engineering