Historic Preservation

We view preservation as the scientific, intelligent, and creative management of change with the utmost respect for the past.

Preservation and Managing Change

Technology room after

Harvard University

Widener Library

With its landmark representational spaces, generous patron user areas, secure areas for collections, and workplace for a large staff, this project embodies many of the typical challenges presented by historic structures. We preserved the historic character of this campus icon, phasing work to allow the library to function without interruption. The extensive project enhanced the safety and security of collections, in part by creating climate-controlled book storage, and created a more comfortable environment for student and faculty study.

The Power of Place

Navy Chapel interior

US Navy

Brigade of Midshipmen Chapel

Spaces made sacred by shared experience are valuable touchstones for our culture. Heritage buildings offer an opportunity to reveal the essence of what makes a structure culturally significant while enabling its contemporary relevance and maximizing systems performance.

Modernized interior of the Richards Labs

University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine

Richards Medical Research Laboratories


Contemporary interventions guided by careful analysis of the original design unlock the potential of an outdated facility.

Watch Box exterior with historic cannons

NAVFAC Washington

Historic Watch Box


The guard house, where Abraham Lincoln made the last official visit of his presidency, has been restored and returned to its original site.

Reading Room

Harvard University

Widener Library

Higher Education

The modernization of this campus icon embodies many of the challenges presented by working in older and historic buildings.

Latest Publications

Incorporating Historic Structure Documentation into Engineering Education

by Mark Kanonik

The article, “Bridge to the Past,” authored by EYP Senior Structural Engineer and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) adjunct faculty member Mark Kanonik, recounts how a group of RPI structural engineering master’s degree students completed an extensive and unique analysis of the historic Shushan Covered Bridge in Shushan, NY. In accordance with the Historic American Engineering Record, the students documented the structure, while partaking in a radical departure from the traditional classroom engineering educational experience.

Energy Analysis for Preservation Projects: The Right Tools at the Right Times

by Dana Kose

Birch Bayh Federal Building & US Courthouse

Using the right energy modeling tools at the right time in the design process is especially important in historic preservation, no matter what type of preservation is being undertaken.

Masterpiece Restoration Wins Awards Trifecta

MIT Kresge Auditorium and Chapel

Designed by renowned architect Eero Saarinen and completed in 1955, Kresge Auditorium and the MIT Chapel are once again taking center stage in the architectural world. The sensitive restoration of these modern masterpieces has received the American Architecture Award from the international jury of the Chicago Athenaeum; the SCUP/AIA-CAE Excellence in Architecture Award for Rehabilitation, Restoration or Preservation; and the Paul & Niki Tsongas Power of Preservation Honor Award, Best Use – Educational & Institutional Arts & Culture from Preservation Massachusetts.  Our design approach balances the requirements of historic accuracy with building performance – improving energy efficiency, weatherability, safety, accessibility, and sustainability – revitalizing these cherished icons for active use by future generations.

Historic Preservation publications

exterior view of building

US Department of State

US Embassy, Rome


The splendor of this Roman landmark belies its security.

Exterior view of US Ambassador's Residence in Prague, Czech Republic

US Department of State

US Ambassador's Residence


Beneath its elaborate Beaux-Arts skin, the Villa Petschek is a highly secure 21st-century residence and workplace.