US Embassy, Oslo

US Department of State

Oslo, Norway

Diplomatic Government

exterior view

When the US mission outgrew its space at Henrik Ibsens Gate, we worked closely with the Department of State and the City of Oslo Planning and Building Agency (OPBA) to develop a new open, organic design that would be reflective of the important diplomatic and historical ties between Norway and the United States.

The embassy complex presents a welcoming public face, its design inspired by the sheltering horizontal roofs typical of a traditional Norwegian longhouse. Overhanging patinated copper cornices and roofing symbolize the longstanding connection between the United States to Norway, where the copper sheathing for the Statue of Liberty was mined. Outlying structures are clad with fieldstone or sloped into the site, referencing traditional earthbound Norwegian construction. The landscaping is structured around existing rock outcroppings and indigenous maple, birch, aspen, and meadow grasses.

Building Facts

  • 10 acres
  • 80,700 GSF
  • LEED Gold certified

Geothermal Energy

Balancing some of the world’s strictest energy codes with the security requirements of a modern Embassy required ongoing collaboration with DOS and OPBA, as well as design innovation to accomplish the Embassy’s mission.

90 % Peak heating load
100 % Peak cooling load
60 % Energy savings vs ASHRAE 90.1
40 % Energy savings vs Norwegian code

As Norway prohibits the use of fossil fuels for heating, EYP drew on local expertise to design ground-source heat pumps enabling the building to meet 90% of peak heating load and 100% of peak cooling load with energy stored in bedrock. By sinking 54 double-looped wells with nearly 40 miles of piping through 1,000 feet of hard bedrock, the geothermal system exceeded Norwegian code requirements. The project also received LEED Gold Certification.

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