AIA Conference on Architecture 2019 / Historic Buildings as Energy Hogs: Debunking the Myth

Las Vegas, NV

June 6-8, 2019

EYP modernization experts will discuss how to evaluate a building's future or existing energy potential and how to improve building performance in balance with preservation criteria.

Historic Buildings as Energy Hogs: Debunking the Myth

June 7 | 8:00-9:00 am

Poor energy performance is often cited as an argument against building reuse. This session will help neutralize the "energy-hog" myth.

The vast majority of historic buildings must be financially competitive with new construction if they are to survive. Fortunately, big data has allowed for a new level of analysis when it comes to design options and performance tracking.

This presentation will use two projects as case studies: The Birch Bayh Federal Building (1905) and Louis Kahn's Richards Building (1962). Discover how renovations of these landmark structures retained their character-defining features while producing building performance that far exceeded expectations.


Matthew Chalifoux

Matthew Chalifoux, FAIA

Historic Preservation & Design

Teresa Rainey

Teresa Rainey, PE, LEED Fellow

Director of High Performance Design


Birch Bayh Courtroom

Birch Bayh Federal Building & US Courthouse

General Services Administration

Judicial & Workplace

Birch Bayh is a model citizen, serving its city in ways its original designers never could have imagined.

Modernized interior of the Richards Labs

Richards Medical Research Laboratories

University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine


Contemporary interventions guided by careful analysis of the original design unlock the potential of an outdated facility.