SCUP 2019 Southern Symposium

Durham, NC

April 5, 2019

Creating environments that provide the right mix and type of learning spaces is essential to the success of students and, in turn, to all higher education institutions. Given the broad range of students and institutions, defining what is "right" will vary.

This conference will explore:

  • What are the various types of learning spaces that lead to student success?
  • What role can services and staffing play in enabling student success?
  • How can we best provide solutions that are physical, digital, and “phygital”?
  • What are leading trends from a functional, architectural, and operational point of view?
  • What does it take to provide / locate these spaces? Are they centralized or decentralized? How can we re-use existing spaces?
  • What is the right balance between space for study, collection, experimentation?


Dan Fields

Dan Fields, AIA

Project Executive