Giving back is an essential part of who we are and a core value that strengthens our connection to each other as well as to our communities.

Design Like a Girl Summer Camp in Washington, DC

Funding Priorities

EYP has made a pledge to The 1+ to provide pro-bono design services to non-profit organizations. We also support organizations that benefit the markets we serve through corporate contributions, in-kind services, and volunteerism.

As a corporate neighbor, we share our expertise in design, preservation, and sustainability to help individuals, institutions and communities prosper:

  • Partnering with not-profit organizations to provide planning, programming and design
  • Promoting sustainability by educating and supporting the design industry, our clients, and our communities about sustainable design

Hands-on Fab Lab

Tech Valley uniquely integrates the acquisition of technology literacy throughout its curriculum. To help create a richer academic experience for students, EYP funded the school's new Fab Lab “bringing to culmination the development of a full STEM curriculum,” according to Principal Dan Leibert.

Community Impact
Camp Wildwood

Camp Wildwood

We provided pro-bono planning and design services to create a Nursing, Administration, and Social Work Building that will support Wildwood's summer camp program and enable the School to offer year-round educational services in a camp-like outdoor setting.

Community Impact

How We Give Back

  • Volunteers – Helping organizations with projects through expertise and hands-on employee involvement
  • Grants and scholarships – Supporting programs fostering access to education, sustainability, and the preservation of our environment
  • Sponsorships – Partnering with nonprofit organizations on community and business events
  • Matching gifts – Matching employee donations to qualifying organizations
  • Community leadership gifts – Providing gifts to charitable organizations on whose board an employee serves

Social Media Redux

According to the ALS Association, the discovery of a new ALS gene, NEK1, is a direct result of donations realized through the Ice Bucket Challenge. Take a look back at some EYP-style dousing for dollars.

Community Impact

For more information or to request support, contact Susan Radzyminski.