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Healthcare Workplace Consortium Report

The healthcare workplace is changing, and in real time. This report collects trends and findings from a group of design, facilities, and workplace professionals from ten healthcare organizations, as they address the complexities of accommodating their workforce in a pandemic and post-pandemic world.


Striking the Right Chord

New Orleans' rich culture of music inspires comforting design choices for Children's Hospital New Orleans

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Understanding What's Important

Lighter and brighter – the modernization of Children's Hospital New Orleans brings multifunctional, flexible space for clinicians and children alike to give and receive the best medical care possible.


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Roseann Pisklak

Lead Interior Designer, Interior Design National Group Leader Coordinator

Linda Rodts

Lead Interior Designer

Rachel Windham

Lead Interior Designer

Sherri Shafiei

Lead Interior Designer

Brandon R. Guzman

Lead Interior Designer

Gail Sterling

Lead Interior Designer

Brenda Dietz

Lead Interior Designer