How do you get the benefits of a new building without building new? An integrated modernization approach that unlocks the potential of your existing building.

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Discover 77% in Energy Savings

Building requirements are increasingly complex, our in-house integrated team keeps it simple. Just like Grinnell, you can achieve your institutional aspirations, modernize your existing buildings, and save energy. 

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Modernization Team

50% of Our Work Involves Existing Buildings

The smartest way to tackle modernization is to have an integrated team of architects and engineers helping each other make the best, cost-effective decisions. For us, modernization isn’t a specialty. It isn’t a boutique market. Modernization is the culture of EYP.

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Modernization is the creative and sensitive management of change. Change is inevitable if buildings are to be actively used for years to come.

Matthew Chalifoux Matthew Chalifoux, FAIA Historic Preservation & Design

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Together, let’s unlock your building’s potential

Matthew Chalifoux

Matthew Chalifoux, FAIA

Historic Preservation & Design