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Read about Illsa's experience as the first woman president of the chapter.

Learn about our plans for the Orlando office in Building Enclosure

The pandemic has heightened challenges the federal workforce has been addressing for decades. See what this means for workplace design. 

Explore the complex and sensitive nature of designing vivarium facilities.

Meet the newest Tradewell Fellows to join the legacy.

September 3, 2021

Designing for Climate Resiliency

featuring Teresa Rainey

See how the Green Lab harnesses the power of design to develop creative solutions that address pressing and costly climate change needs.

August 26, 2021

Get to Know Troy Leonard

featuring Troy Leonard

Meet the Boston-based Project Director leading the way for our special projects studio.

For Mezio, designing healthcare spaces for kids is an opportunity to channel his inner child.

Jackie and Marty reflect on the car rides and conversations that became a forum for mutual mentorship in behavioral health.

Discover four things colleges & universities should consider before modernizing a building on campus in Buildings Magazine