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December 1, 2021

Why Orlando?

featuring Veronique Pryor

Hear why the location works for our firm and people from Senior Project Director Veronique Pryor.

November 15, 2021

Get to Know Jessica Petro

featuring Jessica A. Petro

Jessica Petro joins the firm as Lead Designer, Landscape Architect for our Sustainable Landscapes practice, working from our Denver office.

November 12, 2021

Honoring Historical Legacies: Reshaping the Visitor Center Experience

by Eric Ward, Erik Johnson, Danielle Encela

Whether designing a new visitor center or modernizing an existing one, we are proud to partner with NPS to rethink the visitor experience through the lens of modern, engaging architecture.

Cody shares what characteristics distinguish the Dallas office, highlights top projects, and divulges his epic fascination with American muscle cars.

See the role architects and designers play in reshaping health at the local level.

A Q&A with University of Maryland's Dr. Naomi Sachs and EYP's Jack Reed.

EYP Raleigh partnered with the Triangle Beer Company to raise $1,966 to benefit Children's Flight of Hope.

A conversation with clinical psychologist Dr. Brandi Justice, Psy.D., CEO/director of Central State Hospital in Petersburg, VA.

How we work has changed. At EYP, we offer the freedom to balance working in your home and in the office.

Kahtura witnessed the importance of children's health environments first-hand and is making it her mission to design safe, nurturing environments for children.