News & Publications: Building Performance

Net Zero Buildings Magazine explores how the ZEN Building, the largest zero energy-capable facility in the nation, is a test bed for emerging building technologies and shows the world what can be economically accomplished today. 

ENR Southwest profiles the EYP designed Physics & Astronomy Interdisciplinary Science Building (PAIS) at the University of New Mexico.

Builder Magazine profiles our new partnership with Embr Labs to test the Embr Wave "personal thermostat".

Numerous international guests officially opened The New Embassy Compound in Oslo, Norway with a dedication and ribbon cutting ceremony

The balance of creating beautiful and innovative embassies that also exceed stringent safety, efficiency, and accessibility requirements is explored in the recent CNN article, “Diplomatic Design: New U.S. Embassies Make an Architectural Statement.” The EYP-designed embassy in Oslo, Norway, is one of only five global facilities selected to demonstrate successfully meeting this challenge.

Building energy use is the primary contributor to greenhouse gas emissions for colleges and universities. Benchmarking and monitoring allows institutions to identify which buildings have the greatest savings opportunities, and what technologies and changes are appropriate for those buildings. In our work with colleges and universities, we’ve identified campus wide savings potential between 18% and 56% of their current cost and carbon impacts. We have help our clients achieve these savings with proven cost effective technologies and maintain this savings over time. We have also helped our clients understand their energy use and performance and avoid costly and unnecessary audits and studies by simply tracking and comparing energy and emissions use. More

EYP engineer George Marshall authors this article in Consulting Specifying Engineer magazine on how clients can take advantage of HVAC energy savings by having their engineers rethink heating-water temperatures with sustainability in mind. See what George says about how energy efficiency demands impact HVAC design, how various new products and systems help users achieve efficiency in water-heating systems, and the benefits of low-temperature hot water systems.

Higher education clients have different requirements and expectations for the design process, and their portfolios include many types of highly specialized buildings. Keeping up with the latest trends and working within prescribed campus standards can be a challenge. And to maximize building performance, campus facilities workers need to learn how to manage complex systems post occupancy. In this article from Consulting Specifying Engineer, EYP engineer James Newman advises that "the best way to ensure the operational success of a building with high-performance design features is for the building facilities team to have a full understanding of their usage and maintenance."

The New York State chapter of the American Institute of Architects has awarded EYP with a 2016 Excelsior Award for New Construction for the SUNY Maritime’s Academic Center. The design of the Academic Center, which has earned LEED Silver, involved an array of analyses to best optimize its unique location on the Long Island Sound.

Architecture Critic Inga Saffron explains how the renovation of this iconic building brought Kahn's original vision to life. More