News & Publications: Resiliency

Recognized for its resilient design and ability to unite the community, the design for the new Center won the national Rethinking the Future Award in the Public Building Concept category

February 8, 2018

Model Approach: Trendsetter

The cover feature of Healthcare Design showcases innovative design that will allow phased growth while maintaining  outstanding patient service and operational efficiency. 

We are watching the ongoing extreme weather events with great concern. Because keeping hospitals and healthcare facilities fully functional is critical to public health and safety, we are making our latest research on improving energy resilience available to help hospitals and their communities respond to today’s challenges and prepare for tomorrow’s. More

Just as hospital departments employ systems to stay up to date with technology and medical procedures, they also need to plan for resiliency in the face of natural disasters. Energy management is one of the most critical components of life safety that affects everyone. Our resiliency road map helps hospitals determine how to harden the existing infrastructure and prepare for future infrastructure improvements. More

Most of us use computers daily but we generally don’t think much about the infrastructure necessary to keep them connected and safe. Merton Bunker recently authored an article explaining that IT equipment areas are often misunderstood in this respect, as the requirement contained in NFPA 75: Standard for the Fire Protection of Informational Technology Equipment can be confusing.

Data centers are important structures that hold vital information for businesses, schools, public agencies, and private individuals. If these mission critical facilities aren't properly designed and equipped, the gear inside and the data the servers handle is at risk. Consulting Specifying Engineer asked EYP's Robert Eichelman which trends engineers should be aware of when they're working on data centers or data closets in mixed-use buildings. More

November 11, 2011

Excellence Goes Abroad

Oslo’s City Planning was intimately involved with design decisions for the new US Embassy in Oslo, Norway, even going so far as writing it into local law that the embassy had to be of architectural quality. More