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Quality Director and Group Leader Lisa Lin kept colleagues connected by pivoting during the pandemic.

March 29, 2022

Design Talk with Portia Ellis

featuring Portia Ellis

Studio Design Principal Portia Ellis focuses her design approach on the end users' experience, collaborative design, and incorporating nature. Here, she discusses her creative process.

Read a recap of Brandon's BEC Conference presentation from US Glass Magazine. 

Find out how Jodi brings her passion for sustainability to her role.

Colleagues from the Space City express their pride in receiving the Firm Award, as well as some of the reasons working in our Houston office is so rewarding.

Learn more about Gabriela's passion to make design more accessible to everyone.

Infusion centers are places of hope, and their design and aesthetics should assist patients in their quest to heal.

We've been imagining and asking ourselves what's possible for years: not just for our clients and projects, but for every individual employed in our firm.

The value of occupancy surveys is an essential component of evidence-based design, especially in health care, as a recent journal article by Laurie Waggener and colleagues illustrates.

In celebration of Engineers Week 2022, we look at two EYP projects where our engineers reimagined what's possible for our clients.