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College and university makerspaces provide key opportunities for academic and entrepreneurial innovation, interdisciplinary collaboration, and ways to facilitate new paradigms for learning and teaching, but importantly, they can also provide the campus with a renewed sense of community. More

Today’s best academic institutions are catalysts for innovation. They host environments in which their people make things. They foster learning experiences that open up both students and professors to creative thinkers from a variety of fields, from the academy to the business world. They teach their students to be lifelong learners. More

ENR Southwest profiles the EYP designed Physics & Astronomy Interdisciplinary Science Building (PAIS) at the University of New Mexico.

A recent Tradeline article, featuring comments by Brian Tucker and Charles Kirby, explores five key design elements for creating and redesigning successful STEM facilities.  

TMC News looks inside Houston Methodist's Walter Tower

The College of William & Mary celebrates the Grand Opening of the EYP-designed Wellness Center.

More and more colleges and universities are realizing they need improved health and wellness facilities that better address today’s students’ health concerns. More

ENR Mountain States Magazine recognizes UCHealth's Longs Peak Hospital as a best project in healthcare design.

A Ribbon-cutting ceremony marks the reopening of the renovated Agricultural Engineering Building at Penn State.

Building Design + Construction features Higher Education Leader John Baxter and the trend of institutions opting for more economical residence halls.