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We sat down with Cody, Jonas, and Danny to find out what they're learning and how the Academy sessions are going.

Cody shares what characteristics distinguish the Dallas office, highlights top projects, and divulges his epic fascination with American muscle cars.

Get to know Laura and read about her plans as COO.

September 27, 2021

Walk this Way

Explore design considerations and trends related to flooring in a variety of healthcare facilities in Medical Construction & Design Magazine. 

Meet the newest Tradewell Fellows to join the legacy.

For Mezio, designing healthcare spaces for kids is an opportunity to channel his inner child.

Jackie and Marty reflect on the car rides and conversations that became a forum for mutual mentorship in behavioral health.

A conversation with neuroscientist and geneticist Joseph S. Takahashi, Ph.D., the Loyd B. Sands Distinguished Chair in Neuroscience at the University of Texas Southwestern (UTSW) Medical Center, a member of UTSW’s Peter O’Donnell Jr. Brain Institute, and an Investigator in the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.