National Quality Coordinator


As National Quality Coordinator, I helped lead the development of EYP's Guidelines for Quality, a foundational handbook for excellence in technical delivery. Dedicated to the principle that ownership and clear communication are fundamental to quality, I support deep collaboration across offices. Working alongside every office's Quality Director, our team is devoted to consistent implementation of the Guidelines — coordinating QC activities, sharing cross-office resources, and establishing educational curricula. Regularly, I report to EYP's Directors of Operations as part of a continuous feedback loop for project delivery. Nationally, I promote our commitment that quality documents support EYP's dedication to integrated design.

As Albany's Quality Director, I'm responsible for overseeing critical technical aspects of the office's project activities. Specifically, I support teams in practices that lead to a quality product and report the outcomes of QC reviews to Albany's office leadership.

Together with other technical leaders in the office, I keep abreast of new technologies, changes in building codes, and advances in the industry. I establish educational activities with those leaders, such as field feedback and sessions that actively promote technologies and methodologies geared toward innovative approaches to delivery.

On projects, I serve as Senior Project Architect (SPA). As such, I'm responsible for a project's architectural execution, the coordination of all trades, and building code compliance. Although my QAQC duties offer me a unique perspective on work, being a SPA keeps me "in the arena" – where my passion lies. Ultimately, in all my roles, I will serve as your technical advocate every step of the way!

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