Brandon Andow PhD, RA

Senior Building Performance Analyst

Associate Principal

I believe the influence of a building’s facade is more than skin-deep. Energy efficiency, human factors, and placemaking shape building enclosures while encouraging architects and engineers to push the boundary of what’s possible. I’m committed to creating practical exteriors that are transformative and meet striding energy targets – all while making occupants happier, healthier, and more productive.

For 18 years, I’ve been designing and analyzing the next generation of facades for new and existing buildings, including materials research in switchable transparency nanostructured thin-films for solar control and energy harvesting. I’m active within the facade community through peer-reviewed publications, teaching appointments, lectures, and conference presentations. But my passion is offering innovative approaches that will impact the building envelope of tomorrow. I want to help owners achieve transformative, reliable, and cost-effective building enclosures that elevate their occupants and their organization.