Burn Sears AIA

Senior Project Director


My fascination with healthcare planning and design lies in finding the artful solution to complex problems — whether the problems exist at a macro/master planning scale or at a more personal, human scale, where attention to detail creates lasting memories for patients and their families.

Problem-solving explorations begin with excellent communication. I am passionate about getting to know my clients’ sensibilities, from their patient interactions and clinical-care focus on their personal interests and hobbies. With great listening comes a deeper understanding of clients’ expectations about the physical environment we’ll explore and craft together.

As a principal at EYP with 30+ years of experience, I’ve seen the healthcare industry evolve and reinvent itself at a pace like few other industries. Despite these changes, the empathy that all clinicians bring to their craft has remained constant. For every project, my goal is to foster the same compassion, advocacy, and expertise that clinicians bring to patients. Finding that ideal strategic solution for your complex problem continues to energize me about healthcare planning and design.