David Lockwood PE, LEED AP, CPQ

Senior Electrical Engineer

I got an early start in engineering as a draftsman working for an A/E firm during high school. The ductwork and piping systems in a building make it comfortable to live and work in, but designing them didn’t satisfy my creative urges. So, when my boss asked if I’d try my hand at electrical design, I happily gave it a go. 

Through lighting design, I could help Architects express their vision for a building and define a unique experience within it. But for the career I wanted, I needed the right degree and professional engineering license. So, I like to call getting an Electrical Engineering degree my “16-year plan,” with a BSEE followed by MSEE graduate work at NASA Langley Research Center.

Twenty years since, I’ve designed the lighting and power systems for the student center at my Alma Mater, academic research and housing buildings, courthouses, and countless K-12 schools. Along the way, I’ve visited 13 countries with integrated teams of clients, architects, engineers, and contractors, bringing sustainable, secure, functional, and beautiful US Embassy facilities from concept to occupancy. 

It turns out engineers express our creative side with more than great lighting.  At our best, we work together to bring Owners’ and Architects’ visions into reality, with all systems interconnected to deliver facilities that look and perform to achieve their best potential, whatever the mission.

How can I help you create (or recreate!) a building that will exceed your expectations?