Project Director


Old buildings are my passion. When we preserve and rehabilitate existing buildings, we honor our cultural heritage. And it is fundamentally sustainable to save and repair rather than demolish and build new.

While we see repeating patterns of deterioration – typically due to the ravages of water, cold, and aging systems – every building and every project is different. But I believe the best solutions share a common thread: strong technical teams that deliver careful investigations and creative thinking. And building these teams is my specialty. I enjoy decades-long alliances with many of the industry’s top existing building specialists, including EYP’s own engineers as well as consultants such as materials conservators, archeologists, and restoration craftspeople.

I have dedicated my 35-year career to existing buildings. From culturally significant sites that honor America’s history to government and higher education facilities that no longer support modern needs, I love helping clients explore the possibilities to modernize their buildings. How can we celebrate your building’s history while adapting for the future? How can we improve systems and reduce operating costs?

I have been honored to work on the revitalization of some of our nation’s most significant architectural treasures, and I look forward to hearing about your building concerns and discussing ways we can help.