Erin Kozuh RID, LEED GA

Lead Interior Designer

What would it take to make you say, “This is an amazing space?” As an interior designer, I’m passionate about discovering your answer to this question, and others, like does it inspire collaboration among students? Does it give researchers the environment they need to innovate? Does it promote a healthy workplace culture?

Born and raised in Texas, I am honored to design interiors and manage projects for my home state’s largest institutions, including The University of Texas at Austin, Texas A&M University, and my alma mater, Texas State University. When I’m not in the higher ed realm, I enjoy working on commercial office projects and corporate interiors.

One-third artist, one-third pragmatist, and one-third project manager, I believe that a compelling design balances aesthetics, durability, and that oh-so-critical budget. I look forward to hearing about what will make your project successful.