Wellness Expert

Throughout his 30 years of experience Gary has led teams to create buildings which not only perform well above standards for agility, energy and durability, but also include universal design to serve a wide range of human needs, while incorporating active design features to help occupants stay fit and alert. Gary's projects consistently provide access to glare-free natural daylight and views to nature for more than 95% of the occupants. Open collaboration stairs, daylighting of team spaces, and larger gathering spaces with natural views are acoustically and thermally comfortable to allow a wide range of uses.

Gary has been a mentor and collaborator with the Center for Bio-Inspired Design at Georgia Tech in exploring how natural systems inform smart solutions to modern design challenges. He is one of four International Living Futures Ambassadors based in Georgia, a group that helps educate clients and professionals about the Living Building Challenge that promotes the highest level of health and wellness for humans and our natural environment. He teaches an independent school course in Biophilic design to help raise the understanding of how human senses connect with the patterns of nature in ways that enrich health, wellness, and human performance.

Gary has also led a professional development series for the USGBC to help other professionals understand how to create healthier, more resilient, and restorative buildings and sites.


February 7, 2020

The Eyes Have It

by Gary McNay, Justin Shultz, Brandon Andow, Noll Kretschmann

EYP experts share how emerging healthcare lighting trends can improve patient and staff experiences in an article from Medical Construction & Design Magazine

Wellness Expert Gary McNay articulates how incorporating biophilic design in healthcare facilities can improve patient outcomes and reduce staff stress. Read the article in Facility Executive.