Godfrey Gaisie AIA

Lead Designer

Associate Principal

Honestly, artistic expression intrigues me. It fuels me. It undoubtedly affects how I view my home, my city, spaces, and surroundings. There is a brilliant geometric expression in nature and an amazing physical, experiential, and textural feeling that we get when we walk in and around our buildings.

So, it is not surprising to me when researchers say that our homes, schools, and workplaces affect our well-being or that natural light is keenly important to the healing process. Can a warm, inviting space facilitate healing? Can a geometrically-formed space that seems to defy gravity inspire learning? Can a wonderful view, beautiful colors or materials help calm the stress in one’s day and facilitate person-to-person interaction? To these questions and more, I dare say YES. Emphatically YES!

These ideas motivate me to design buildings and spaces that inspire and excite your students, patients, and clients. I believe good design sells. But I know great design inspires us to a more optimistic outlook on what possibilities lie ahead.