Greg Bordynowski AIA, LEED AP

Senior Project Director

Associate Principal

I have always been interested in the design of buildings, from how they’re made to how they serve the people and communities who use them. A holistic approach to architecture has led me around the world, with projects across the United States and Europe to the farthest reaches of Africa. I love how specific locations engender particular approaches to building, creating meaningful spaces that respond to their surroundings.

I am passionate about complexity – in programs, construction, society, or even politics. And I relish unusual problems that only out-of-the-box thinking can solve. From new construction to modernization and historic preservation, I have partnered with clients on U.S. embassies, presidential memorials, courthouses, data centers, and workplaces. No matter how big or small the project, I bring my clients thoughtful solutions to make better places to live and work.

I’ve been obsessed with energy performance in buildings since the 1970s. The first LEED Gold project I managed is in the top 7% for performance in the General Services Administration's portfolio. There’s nothing more satisfying than bringing together experts in multiple disciplines to transform aspirations and dreams into fulfilling and sustainable places.