Gustavo Colmenares AIA

Senior Designer

Senior Associate

People, places, and context inspire me. Each project is a partnership with clients and users, working together to develop cohesive visions that challenge what’s possible for their community and develop strategies that reinforce and advance their mission.

From a young age, watching people interact with spaces and considering how buildings can transform communities has been fascinating. How do we design spaces that engage users, create memories, and capture the essence of place, time, and community? How do we make buildings come alive and activate spaces to be distinct, welcoming, and timeless? As a designer, the answers to these questions spark innovative approaches that empower users to maximize their potential, build relationships, reduce energy usage, and impact their local communities.

Having worked on transformational projects across sectors, scales, and climate types, I have learned how to create and build meaningful places that are site-specific, sustainable, and comfortable. Experience in modernizing existing structures, new construction, and public projects has taught me to prioritize community impact, social equity, universal design solutions, craftsmanship, and placemaking.

I look forward to bridging my experience with your organization’s goals to reimagine a total impact approach that maximizes the synergies between the program, mission, and context.