Jane Baughman AIA, LEED AP

Director of Project Delivery

Associate Principal

A great set of documents doesn’t just happen. It’s the end product of a process and the midpoint to a high-performing, safe, and beautiful building. As the Director of Projects, I strive to make that process better for everyone involved — clients, teams, and contractors — and to serve as a bridge between understanding the complexities of a visionary design and implementing that vision in the real world of steel and bricks.

For over 29 years, I have applied my experience in planning and constructing complex buildings like BSL3 and forensic laboratories, clean rooms, research vivaria, airport terminals, government facilities, and academic buildings to find innovative solutions to improve the built environment. As a laboratory planner, nothing was more exciting than creating environments that support scientists who seek change. And as a technical architect, my goal was to discover the most efficient, safe, and inspiring way to construct that world without negatively impacting the community or our environment.

Now, as the Director of Project Delivery, I support the team by helping others understand how their decisions can create positive ripple effects and by developing processes that elevate our standards of excellence while driving innovation. It’s about better problem solving and creating better solutions.