Jessica A. Petro PLA, ASLA, SITES AP


Lead Designer, Landscape Architect

Creating sustainable high-performance landscapes is my passion. I'm an advocate for the project site, which has independently functioning systems that need to be inventoried, analyzed, and understood for successful project interventions and restorations.

As a Lead Designer and Landscape Architect at EYP, I work closely with our teams to align the built and natural environment to inform and respond to each other while addressing our clients’ program and mission. How can we protect and enhance our natural systems while allowing for thoughtful, resilient, and regenerative designs? What's the best approach to balancing the need of the site while being sensitive to its connections to the larger community?

Having multiple degrees and diverse backgrounds in the arts, business, fashion, and landscape architecture, I draw inspiration from many markets, industries, and the natural environment. I look forward to understanding your needs and discovering the story of your site with designs that embrace and celebrate both for a mutually beneficial outcome.