Jim Dempsey RCDD, BICSI, CSI

Discipline Director, Technology Systems

As EYP's National Discipline Lead for Technology Systems, I unravel the complexity of today's technology and assemble the threads into a tailored fabric that meets clients' needs.

For almost 30 years, I've worked with our clients and internal teams to understand and evaluate solutions for today's and tomorrow's technology requirements. How do we plan your information technology systems and spaces so you can continue to grow? What about system integration for building automation and process controls? And how can we use wireless technology to support your IT infrastructure? Practical, real-world field experience and engineering and design training help me make thoughtful and careful choices so you can leverage your systems well into the future.

The lightning speed of the technological evolution leads to constant new discoveries. Staying up to date with what's happening across the nation and the globe can lead to unexpected, cost-effective project solutions — that's how we bring value to your project.