John Hathaway AIA, LEED AP

Project Executive

Senior Principal

Throughout my life, I have been drawn to design and building. I recognized very early that immersion in these activities was incredibly satisfying, and architecture, which I discovered later in my formative years, was the perfect match.

Early in my career, I was fortunate to work on a variety of building types, including public housing, offices, academic buildings, and hospitals. As I matured, I was most drawn to projects that were complex and, more importantly, provided a social benefit.

The turning point in my career was my first international U.S. Embassy project at EYP – renovation of the Bosch Palace, the Ambassador’s residence in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I never looked back after this experience, and 25 years later, I am just as excited about this important work.

From the challenges of working in a foreign country to the impactful design and technical complexities, I am proud that my life’s work helps promote American diplomatic missions around the world. This work is tremendously important, and what we do in designing these facilities makes a difference.

Who knew you could make a career out of designing U.S. Diplomatic Facilities?