Katy Moore AIA


Project Director

Senior Associate

For me, a good day is when I’ve made a client happy. It’s a GREAT day when that client comes back for more! In a career dedicated to renovation and fit-out projects, repeat business is everything. Ongoing engagement not only builds trust and strengthens relationships, but it helps us to understand better what makes our clients tick. How do you like to work? What are your facility standards? I am eager to work with your team to transform your project from vision to reality.

As the Project Director for EYP’s Transformation and Renovation Team, I love helping clients bring new life to existing spaces. I thrive on the fast-paced nature of renovation projects. I get excited about identifying a hidden condition before it can become a stumbling block. Sure, we love taking an entire floor down to structure and building back something new and fabulous, but the challenge of a complex equipment installation can be equally rewarding. Let’s look at your existing space and ask together, “What’s possible?”