Larney Clark

Senior Electrical Engineering Designer

As a Senior Electrical Designer, I have dedicated my career to working with U.S. government agencies to design secure, resilient facilities around the world. From robust and redundant power distribution systems to the ever-changing technology of lighting and lighting control systems, I have worked on diverse and challenging projects that make a global impact.

U.S. embassies and consulates play an important role on the world stage. They represent American values and display the best in U.S. design and engineering. I have been honored to spend most of my 35-year career working on these facilities with the U.S. Department of State Overseas Buildings Operations. From campus security upgrades to energy audits to new embassy campuses – including more than 70 site surveys of diplomatic facilities – my work balances sustainability and maintainability, security and accessibility, and functionality and aesthetics. Through electrical upgrades, security upgrades, and facility assessments, I help clients discover and implement solutions that support their missions at home and abroad.